Wills, Estates and Elder Law

As you age, all kinds of various legal situations arise that you may not have anticipated. Things like health care, guardianship, long-term care planning, retirement, Social Security, and other related areas become much more important as you enter your later years. These circumstances all fall under a practice area known as elder law. Elder law essentially covers anything pertaining to you, the client, as you age and related issues arise. Similar to elder law are dealings with wills and estates. It is a natural and recommended process to write up a will and configure some sort of estate planning for your property in the event of your eventual passing.

Elder Law

As mentioned above, elder law pertains to important matters as they relate to the client getting older. Many people do not realize the importance of enlisting the help of an experienced elder law attorney. All of the legal jargon surrounding the many facets of elder law can easily turn off someone simply trying to exercise their rights to obtain insurance and Social Security, for example. To avoid the headache and possibly being cheated of what you deserve, it is wise to call Toczydlowski Law. Our team of extremely skilled attorneys knows the legal system inside and out and will work tirelessly to help you receive the best treatment and a favorable outcome.

Wills and Estates

When it comes to estate planning, the process truly comes down to caring for your loved ones and ensuring they are taken care of. In addition to that, when you participate in estate planning, you are able to divide your hard-earned property exactly how you wish to ensure that nothing is left up to chance in the event of your passing. Estate planning includes not only your home and real estate, but it also encompasses personal property such as your car and furniture as well as intangible property including stocks, bank accounts, pension, and so on. This is where your will comes in handy. Your will outlines all of the property divisions as you see fit, ensuring things pan out as you wish.

There is no reason to enter your later years in a fit of stress and feeling inadequate. Put the legal stuff in our hands, and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of. If you are located in Pennsylvania and need an elder law attorney or help with your will and estate planning, consult with Toczydlowski Law.